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Building your own agility equipment is fun and relatively easy-- There are many good books and resources on the web regarding equipment standards and construction techniques.

Many people however, do not have the time, tools, experience, or desire to build their own equipment. That's where we come in!

We provide quality, well engineered, ready-to-use equipment for either an individual wanting to do "backyard training" with a few obstacles or for the club wanting to have their own full set of competition equipment.

We don't just manufacture equipment-- we use everything we make to train our own dogs and for our Agility classes. Please see our training web site http://www.canine-trainers.com to learn more about our classes.

Finally, there are lots of places where you can purchase Agility equipment. With many of them, the cost of shipping approaches the cost of the equipment because of the bulky size and weight of the items. Our market is the area surrounding Rochester, Minnesota-- we can work with you on local delivery or you can pick up your purchases directly from our workshop.

--- Cris
Owner, Just For Fun Agility

Available Equipment
"A" Frame
Dog Walks
Hoop Tunnel
Chute Base
Sway Bridge Coming soon...
Miscellaneous Equipment Coming soon...
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